Tips to Save Money on Art Supply Store Melbourne

A quick and impulsive trip to any art supply store Melbourne can become an expensive experience. Careless habits such as looking for one item and becoming tempted by a myriad of art goodies can be dangerous to your pocket.

Staying within the budget is smart especially with the scenario in today’s economy. Yet, being on a budget does not necessarily mean going without or skimping on quality. It just means good planning and smart shopping.

Great ways to Save on Art Supplies

Saving on art supplies becomes easy by following these steps:

Frequent customer

If you constantly darken the doors of the same art supply store, it’s time to ask them about discount offers for frequent customers like you. If discount deals are not offered by your current art store, it’s high time you shop around for another. Once you do, make sure that the new art supply store offers the items you need and fits your budget as well. It’s not money savvy to go to a lot of trouble of paying more or being disappointed with the items just because you did not get any discount deal from your old store.

Avoid using too much paint

The best way to save money on art supplies is to avoid using too much paint. Being mindful of the amount of paint you use every time you portion paint colours is a good way to keep costs down. Texture paste can work very well for artwork that demands more texture. Opting for tubes of glazes over impasto is also another way to cut down on costs. Glazes can be quickly stretched because of their thinner quality.

When opting for collage work, the body of your work can quickly be built up with the help of either old newspaper scraps or fibrous paper. Another way to avoid breaking the bank is to go for student acrylic paint.

Be on the lookout for coupons

Craft stores and big art supply chains often offer great deal coupons on items from fibre-tip pens to paint thinner. These deals are easy to find online. Or better yet, ask your art supply store if they have a newsletter. If they do, sign up for it as a way to know about their latest coupon offers and deals that are usually not for public consumption.

Bulk purchases

Art supplies can be kept for years so long as there’s a space for them. Buying frequently used art supplies in bulk is the best way to save money. However, never attempt to buy in bulk art items you’ve never tried using or unsure how to use them. You don’t have to go all hog on discounted art items if you don’t see a need for them.

Maintain your art supplies in tip-top condition

  • Make it a habit to wash art items with water, soap or turpentine after using them.
  • Caring for your pallet knives and paintbrushes will make them last for a lifetime
  • Pat paintbrushes with a clean towel after washing them. Pat the brushes in the direction of their bristles
  • Separate paintbrushes according to their use. This means that brushes used for water-based paints should never be kept together with brushes used for oil-based paints

Staying close to your budget most of the time is smart when it comes to art supplies. Yet, there are times when a bit of splurging is needed especially for art tools and supplies that you can’t do without. Melbourne Etching Supplies are an art supply store that can provide the best value for your money.

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