The best Ecology retreats in New Zealand

The philosophy known as Deep Ecology is one that promotes the worth of all human beings, and various retreats throughout the world allow people to rediscover who they are and how much they matter. It also states that the world is a web of dependent relationships, and destruction and abuse of the environment poses a problem to the order and balance of the earth.

Several Deep Ecology retreats exist in New Zealand, often combining Yoga, meditation, organic eating, and sustainable living into their programs to teach people about living a healthy relationship with the Earth, but which one is the best for you?

Anahata Yoga retreat: This quiet and peaceful retreat is in New Zealand and offers various classes and programs throughout the year focusing on Yoga, Eco living, and mindfulness. Whether you go in for a long retreat or a short class, this retreat holds and hosts the events that you need to live a better life. With vegetarian and vegan meals, along with teachings of several branches of yoga and ancient meditation techniques, the events at this retreat can heal and help your mind, body, and soul.

Empowering Yoga retreat: This four day and three-night retreat promise to reconnect you to your own soul as well as your place in the universe, featuring various programs such as deep relaxation, mantras set to music, Yoga, and medication to connect you to your emotions and yourself, also allowing you to understand the state of the world and what you as a person can do to reverse that state. No experience with the various yoga practices is required to experience the teachings and lessons of this retreat.

Yoga retreat in New Zealand: This six-day retreat is filled with yoga, meditation, and an introduction to the deep ecology lifestyle. It promises to help you find yourself and your own rhythm in the world, through solitary meditation and ceremonies as well as small group activities. Personal and shared accommodations are available, and the retreat caters to all skill levels in the styles of yoga, although no experience is required. All meals are included, and vegetarian, yogic, and gluten-free diets are accommodated for, and the food is grown organically in the gardens or grown by local farmers.

New Zealand surf camp: This 7-day retreat is a mix of yoga and surfing, adding socialization to yoga and including five surf lessons and the equipment needed to surf, as well as yoga classes, transportation to and from the surfing spots, meals, and dorm housing both personal and shared. The surf lessons include variations called level one and two. Level one includes surfing on land to get you comfortable with the board before you get out onto the water, and the instructors teach you every step of the surfing process. Level 2 is for more experienced surfers and the instructor’s film you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

These are just three of the Ecology retreats that offer yoga, clean eating and wholesome mindful living in New Zealand, and with dozens of them out there for various prices and offering different styles and opportunities, you are sure to find a retreat that works for you and helps you to become a better human being and change both yourself and the world.